A.B.MFG.INC. is proud to be involved in the agricultural and farming industry and always there for our loyal customers.

imageA.B.MFG.INC. has many years experience in the fabrication sector, serving many varied industries.

We are located in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, giving support to the local farming communities and in many other areas. We offer competitive pricing.


Agricultural Farming

Serving Oshawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, Stratford &Fergus


We provide affordable solutions to the ever rising costs of equipment and maintenance.

We are a full service shop offering custom design of Flooring slats, Wagon Hubs, Latches, Wire Forming, and Water Troughs.

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1 Grease Seal #4000 CR17415 Threaded Spindle
2 Bearing LM29749 1.500’ I.D.
3 Hub #4000
4 Bearing LM67048 1.250” I.D.
5 Plated Washer
6 Slotted Nut
7 Cotter Pin
8 Dust Cap
9 Spindle